Action-packed equestrianism in the Jump and Drive and Indoor Derby, unique formation riding and 2013’s master stallion

There is something for every taste and horse lovers not wanting to only watch equestrian performances will also get their money’s worth: the talk is of the big show evening on the opening day - Wednesday 13 November 2013 - at the 29th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show. Over the years, the first evening at the equestrian highlight in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle has blossomed into a major attraction so that there is sure to be a sell-out crowd in the arena once again this year. “We’re more than satisfied with ticket sales. There are only a few left for the evening,” said Andreas Kroll, CEO of the organisers, the in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft.

The spectators can again look forward to a colourful and highly diverse programme - “A sensational and unique evening,” enthused horse show director Gotthilf Riexinger. Sandwiched between the evening’s two competitive highlights, the Jump and Drive and the Indoor Derby, are two freedom dressages a dog show and the prize-giving for 2013’s South German Master stallion. “The show numbers are fascinating, even moving, and I have never seen anything like it before.”

Kicking off proceedings at 7 o’clock is the highly popular Jump and Drive. The jumping world’s protagonists first have to complete a course on horseback. After going through the finishing line and dismounting, they then have to sprint over to a waiting Mercedes-Benz A-Class before racing around – with seat belts on naturally – a slalom course in the car. The sequence guarantees a great atmosphere and lots of fun for the spectators. Irishman Shane Breen won in 2012 and then went on to win a speed jumping in the Schleyer-Halle.

Action-packed and top class equestrianism will be on view at the eventing Indoor Derby for the Prize of WALTER solar which rounds off the evening at 9.50. All eyes are certain to be on “Gold Michi” Jung, the 2010 World Champion, 2011 European Champion, 2012 individual and team Olympic Champion and double European Champion in 2013. The popular local hero is, according to Gotthilf Riexinger, “currently the world’s best and most complete rider” and will be up against, amongst others, teammates Ingrid Klimke and Frank Ostholt.

Kerstin Brein to present a freedom dressage with five ponies
Sandwiched between the two classes is a freedom dressage performed by Austrian Kerstin Brein and her five ponies. The 30-year old started teaching her Shetland pony circus tricks like sitting, lying, climbing, bowing and the Spanish step at the early age of 9. Her performances and tours have now taken her all over Europe.

They will be followed by the prize giving for the 2013 South German Masters Stallion. The award will go to Colorit upon whom local rider David Will has already taken part in several Grand Prix and Nations Cup competitions. In conjunction with the prize giving, the grey stallion’s offspring will also be shown. Also on four legs, Wolfgang Lauenburger’s dogs will also be racing around the arena showing their nimble and lightening-swift tricks.

Clémence Faivre from France will then demonstrate a freedom dressage with her horse Gotan. According to Gotthilf Riexinger, who was immediately thrilled after watching her show in Hong Kong and Dubai, the act is “unbelievably intense and charismatic” and so much so that, “she simply has to come to Stuttgart”. After a one-year Australian adventure, the trained actress joined the “Les Cascadeurs de Paris” stunt team, learnt trick riding and performed in Robert Hossein’s phenomenal “Ben Hur” show in Dubai in 2005.

Schedule – Show evening on Wednesday, 13 November 2013
19.00 Jump and Drive
20.00 Kerstin Brein (Austria): Five Ponies in Liberty
20.15 Prize Giving South German Masters Stallion 2013 - “Colorit”
20.30 Wolfgang Lauenburger (Germany): dog show
20.45 Clémence Faivre (France): Freedom dressage with Gotan
21.50 Prize of WALTER solar
Indoor derby – eventing