Riana Mauersberger “so happy” after her win in the final of the iWEST-Cup “in the fantastic atmosphere”

The 30-year old local horsewoman secured the win on Thursday in the final of the iWEST Cup. Riding her new freestyle, Riana Mauersberger and her mare Daily Discovery were awarded 74.150 points to land a triumph for Baden Württemberg. “I’m so happy after my two wins yesterday and today. As an amateur, it’s a big opportunity being able to ride in the fantastic atmosphere in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle,” said the delighted Mauersberger.

“Ten years iWEST-Cup – an old liaison that we also want to cultivate,” joked Gotthilf Riexinger when talking about collaboration with the Bavarian producer of nutritional products for animals. And Gerhard Meyer, the managing director of the series’ sponsor is very pleased with the long term cooperation: “We feel very much at home here in the Schleyer-Halle and in Stuttgart – Bavaria has nothing similar.” He then added: “The iWEST Cup will continue next year.” The aim of the iWEST-Cup was always to give amateurs a chance in the series, “therefore I’m very pleased that an amateur has won today.”