New look jumping course – new fences in Stuttgart

(acm/mps) The 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse show glitters with numerous innovations. In addition to the enlarged riding surface, the new course director as well as the new status as a World Cup qualifying event and a five star CSI, there’s a new look jumping course in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. Together with Andreas Maier from Brigachtal near Villingen-Schwenningen in south-west Germany, the Technical Director of the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Hauke Schmidt has developed all the fences appearing for the first time in the Stuttgart arena.

“I’ve noticed at lots of shows all over the world that there’s often basically similar fences standing in the course. We simply wanted something different, something new.” In Maier, the ideal partner has been found for the technical implementation of Schmidt’s plans. “I’ve built fences for our show in Immenhöfen in the past. But naturally on a much smaller scale,” explained the carpenter. “Things here are of a completely different dimension.”

The cooperation works perfectly: Hauke Schmidt delivers his own ideas and suggestions brought with him from his travels around the world. Together, these were fine tuned, made more precise and finalised. Andreas Maier carried out the technical implementation over the past four months. In this way, 22 completely new fences comprising approximately 150 poles, 80 side-stands and 40 base-stands were created. There was praise from a highly qualified specialist even before the leading jumpers were confronted with the new challenges for the first time: “Our course designer Conrad Homfeld was very excited by the fences,” said Hauke Schmidt.