From a pilot project to tradition – vaulting is now anchored in STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS programme

(acm/mps) Whilst coach Giovanni Trapattoni’s Bundesliga players are up against Hanover 96 in neighbouring Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadium on Sunday evening and not the big rivals from Munich, “VfB Stuttgart versus Bayern“ was still the morning’s main theme. Namely the theme Germans Kai Vorberg and Nicola Ströh chose for their Pas de Deux in the VAULTING GERMAN MASTER.

As they did in the previous year, the World Champions excited the spectators at the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS with their interpretation on the back of Picasso, lunged by Kirsten Graf. So were the judges, who awarded them the highest marks of the day. A total of 1581.6 points from the technical test, individual free style and Pas de Deux won Vorberg/Ströh the title in the state capital for the third time after 2002 and 2004. Second place went to Anja Barwig and Jan Bayer (both Germany), who was successful in 2001 and 2003 when he was partnered by Nadia Zülow. Barwig/Bayer were given 1527.1 points for their three tests which they brought to a close on Sunday morning with a “classic dance”. They thus relegated the Swiss “pirates” Marion Graf und Patrick Looser (1506.3) into third place

The athletes were very creative again this year when choosing their themes for the Pas de Deux – they ranged from a classical waltz to an upbeat football story. And they were all performed superbly. “The quality of the performances is definitely getting better every year,” confirmed Björn Ahsbahs, vaulting’s driving force in Baden Württemberg. Initiated as a pilot project in 2001, vaulting has long become an established part of the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS programme. Even more: the world’s most diverse indoor horse show has once again succeeded in igniting interest in an equestrian discipline. “The technical programme was introduced for the first time here as a test in 2001 and is in the meantime anchored in the international rules and regulations,” declared Ahsbahs.