“60,000 spectators are an indication that the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS is firmly established.” – Organisers’ positive summary

(acm/mps) The organisers of the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS were visibly pleased at the closing press conference on Sunday morning. Andreas Kroll, managing director of the in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft gave a positive summary of the 21st edition of the equestrian classic in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle just before the start of the climax, the FEI World Cup Jumping – presented by MERCEDES BENZ, ALLIANZ and LANDESBANK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG / Stuttgart Grand Prix.

59,000 was the figure given by Kroll for the number of equestrian fans that had streamed into the Stuttgart arena from Wednesday until midday Sunday. “If we include tickets sold today then we’ll be able record over 60,000 spectators. It’s a fantastic figure and one that indicates that the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS has been firmly established and that it has been stabilised at high level.” He expressed a big thank-you to the sponsors, with whom the organisers enjoyed an extremely smooth and constructive partnership. “My thanks”, continued Kroll “also go to the faithful spectators. They had to put up with the not insubstantial restrictions as a result of the construction work in and around the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. The fantastic atmosphere and equestrianism triumphed.” Praise was also expressed by the in.Stuttgart boss in respect of the horse show organisation headed by horse show Director Gotthilf Riexinger and Technical Director Hauke Schmidt. “Everything was really enjoyable. I’ve got the feeling that we are steering in the same direction and we can continue to develop the horse show. “

The Landesbank Baden-Württemberg’s Director of Public Relations Martin Kuon joined in in expressing his gratitude to the show organisers “They’ve again been able to put on an impressive horse show in spite of difficulties arising from the redevelopment measures,” said Kuon and confirmed: “In our company the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS are seen as being a prime example of exemplary sponsoring.” Alliance representative Dieter Wahl also had some good news to announce. “We’ve signed the 2006 contract this morning,” and confirmed that his company would again support the world’s most diverse indoor horse show in the coming year. “Brilliant equestrianism, fantastic spectators, and a great atmosphere, it can hardly get any better,” said Wahl when praising the show. An opinion the Director of the Mercedes-Benz garage in Stuttgart Burkhard Wagner reiterated. “It’s been a pleasure being a part of the show this year as a sponsor and it was wonderful being able to experience such fantastic equestrianism.”

The representatives of the main sponsors found expert confirmation in the words of horse show director Gotthilf Riexinger. “I think we’ve seen five days of great sport. The riders and trainers have told me on numerous occasions that it’s a result of the outstanding atmosphere that records are broken over and over again and that emotions are awakened in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle.” According to Riexinger it is all possible because, above all, 200 tireless helpers create the necessary prerequisites. “Some start working here at half past five in the morning so that everything is running smoothly when the first bell goes.” After the, in part, pioneering innovations this year, Riexinger was looking to improve details in the middle term. “We worked our way further up the ladder, have a new status as a World Cup qualifying event and five star CSI, what more do we want? We can only now work on details and small modifications, for example to the schedule.”