20.11.2005 - Finally over – Marcus Ehning wins Stuttgart Grand Prix

(acm/mps) Marcus Ehning (Germany) has left Stuttgart for home on three occasions in a brand new car after winning the MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER – now his name will finally be inscribed for the first time in the list of winners of the MERCEDES-BENZ, ALLIANZ und LANDESBANK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG Stuttgart Grand Prix. Riding the 13-year-old grey mare Gitania – sired by Capitol in Holstein – the team Olympic Champion in Sydney and three-time team European Champion won the FEI World Cup Jumping title, the World Cup qualifying competition held for the first time in Stuttgart.  mehr

20.11.2005 - “60,000 spectators are an indication that the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS is firmly established.” – Organisers’ positive summary

(acm/mps) The organisers of the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS were visibly pleased at the closing press conference on Sunday morning. Andreas Kroll, managing director of the in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft gave a positive summary of the 21st edition of the equestrian classic in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle just before the start of the climax, the FEI World Cup Jumping – presented by MERCEDES BENZ, ALLIANZ and LANDESBANK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG / Stuttgart Grand Prix.  mehr

20.11.2005 - Martin Schaudt’s second triumph – KAMPMANN GERMAN MASTER victory

(acm/mps) Martin Schaudt’s (Germany) successful performance on his eleven-year-old Hanoverian gelding Weltall VA repeated last year’s Grand Prix Special win at the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show on Sunday morning. The jury awarded the 1996 and 2004 Team Olympic Champion’s ride 1,939 points or 77.56 per cent which gave the German his second KAMPMANN GERMAN MASTER title and 7,200 Euros in prize money.  mehr

20.11.2005 - From a pilot project to tradition – vaulting is now anchored in STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS programme

(acm/mps) Whilst coach Giovanni Trapattoni’s Bundesliga players are up against Hanover 96 in neighbouring Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadium on Sunday evening and not the big rivals from Munich, “VfB Stuttgart versus Bayern“ was still the morning’s main theme. Namely the theme Germans Kai Vorberg and Nicola Ströh chose for their Pas de Deux in the VAULTING GERMAN MASTER.  mehr

19.11.2005 - Tense right to the end – Mylene Diederichsmeier wins DIW Instandhaltung LADIES GERMAN MASTER

(acm/mps) For a while it appeared as if she would completely outclass the opposition, but in the end it was a close run thing. Sixth to go from 10 starters in the second round of the DIW Instandhaltung LADIES GERMAN MASTER, Mylene Diederichsmeier (Germany) put in a dream ride when going clear in 51.37 seconds.  mehr

19.11.2005 - Free Style triumph for the Olympic Champion – Hubertus Schmidt wins Dressurstall Schwarz-Gelb Trophy

(acm/mps) The last of the 10 competitors to go into the arena in the Dressurstall Schwarz-Gelb Trophy on Saturday afternoon Hubertus Schmidt (Germany) impressively strode past the rest of the opposition on the 10-year-old Westphalian gelding Forest Gump to take top prize in the Grand Prix free style competition at the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show.  mehr

19.11.2005 - Last ride in international dressage – official farewell for Loesdau’s Loriot

(acm/mps) One of Martin Schaudt’s (Germany) mounts for the past eight years – he today appeared in the arena for the last time in international dressage competition: Loesdau’s Loriot, a 14-year-old Hanoverian gelding out of Laredo.  mehr

19.11.2005 - World record! – Isabell Werth and Satchmo breaks Grand Prix best

(acm/mps) It really was a dream ride – Isabell Werth from Germany and her eleven-year-old Hanoverian colt added a new dimension to Grand Prix level dressage riding. 1,919 points, 79.958 per cent was the evaluation made by the international judges for the four-time Olympic Champion’s ride in the Stihl Trophy at the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show. A new world record!  mehr

19.11.2005 - International age limit reached: official farewell for Heinrich Zapp

(acm/mps) A part of the horse show right from the very start, he was given an official farewell during the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show: Heinrich Zapp.  mehr

19.11.2005 - STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS: winning rides in Internet

(acm/mps) Thousands of equestrian fans were already in fever of excitement on the first three days of the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, as were the horsemen and women from all over the world and they all relished jumping, dressage, driving and vaulting competitions of the highest class.  mehr

19.11.2005 - A round half dozen – Ludger Beerbaum celebrates his sixth major triumph in Stuttgart with his win in the MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER

(acm/mps) He has already won the Stuttgart Grand Prix on three occasions (1994, 2000, 2002) – with his triumph in the MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER on Friday evening, Ludger Beerbaum drew level in the all time list of winners in the second main competition of the International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show.  mehr

18.11.2005 - Nieberg wins second qualifying – and still fails to appear in the MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER

(acm/mps) Just how hard competition is for the most coveted titles at the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show was made obvious by Lars Nieberg’s unfortunate win in the second qualifying for Friday evening’s MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER.  mehr

18.11.2005 - A class of their own: Sonja Bolz wins “Piaff-Förderpreis” final

(acm/mps) She was in a class of her own early Friday morning when winning by a margin of over 100 points: Sonja Bolz (Kerpen, Germany) received 1,655 points from the judges for her performance in the “Liselott Schindling Stiftung” competition – the final of the “Piaff Förderpreises” at the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show.  mehr

18.11.2005 - Good start: opening wins for Rene Tebbel and John Whitaker

(acm/mps) The world’s leading riders were on parade for the first time in the two opening competitions – both for the Bardusch GmbH Textil-Mietdienste prize – on Thursday afternoon in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. Proceedings started with the foreign riders being given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the new fences and the enlarged – by 1000 m² - riding surface in the Stuttgart arena.  mehr

17.11.2005 - New look jumping course – new fences in Stuttgart

(acm/mps) The 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse show glitters with numerous innovations. In addition to the enlarged riding surface, the new course director as well as the new status as a World Cup qualifying event and a five star CSI, there’s a new look jumping course in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. Together with Andreas Maier from Brigachtal near Villingen-Schwenningen in south-west Germany, the Technical Director of the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Hauke Schmidt has developed all the fences appearing for the first time in the Stuttgart arena.  mehr

17.11.2005 - STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS: world’s best indoor dressage event in 2004

(acm/mps) Big honour for the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS: 2004’s show in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle was the “world’s best indoor dressage event”. The top award was conferred on the show organisers by “Année Hippique“, the equestrian year book.  mehr

16.11.2005 - Top speed through “owl hole” – Michael Jung wins Indoor Derby

(acm/mps) Local hero Michael Jung showed not one bit of respect for the huge natural fences in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle on Wednesday evening. He went round the Indoor Derby’s - the eventing competition at the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTER Horse Show – on the nine-year-old gelding Candle Light in 91.21 seconds and had no trouble in overcoming four penalty seconds for a jumping fault.  mehr

16.11.2005 - Ahlmann’s second surprise – victory in the MercedesCard Jump & Drive

(acm/mps) 7,500 spectators in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle were excited – Christian Ahlmann (Germany) secured his second MercedesCard Jump & Drive win in a row with flying hooves and squealing tyres in the opening event of the show evening on Wednesday at the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show.  mehr

16.11.2005 - Trained eye: Captain Mark Phillips observes Indoor Derby

(acm/mps) He’s a real icon in the eventing scene. Captain Mark Phillips, the 1972 Olympic Champion in Munich was one of the most famous and competent observers of the indoor eventing competition on the opening day of the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show.  mehr

09.11.2005 - “It can hardly get any better” – virtually all the world’s leading riders are in the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS line up

Numerous innovations and changes are leaving their mark on the face of the 21st International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show. And the entry list makes it very obvious that the measures have been met with wide approval by the main performers, the riders. “It’s overwhelming just how big the interest of the top stars is for our show.  mehr

10.10.2005 - STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS with new dimension – increased interior space enables sports and entertainment on the highest level

The STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS, the 21st riding and show jumping show, will be a “giant” event – literally speaking, as the world’s most varied indoor show presents itself indeed in an impressive dimension after the renovation of the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. The spacious interior of the Stuttgart arena has always guaranteed generous conditions.  mehr

25.07.2005 - New dimension for the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS: 5 star CSI, World Cup show jumping and Conrad Homfeld, the course designer

The world’s best indoor show has reached a new dimension: Top level equestrian sports in five disciplines: show jumping, dressage, four-in-hand driving, vaulting and eventing have already been offered in the last 20 years, now there will be further innovations and a new status. When the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS, the 21st riding and show jumping show, will take place in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle from the 16th to the 20th of November 2005, it will be a World Cup show jumping show, one of only nine 5-star-CSIs worldwide and present a new course designer – Conrad Homfeld (USA).  mehr

19.05.2005 - The only show jumping show with 5 star status in Germany

From now on, Stuttgart is the only show jumping show (CSI) in Germany which belongs to the “5 star” category. This status is only been given by the World Equestrian Federation (FEI) from a total prize money of more than 500.000 Swiss Francs (approx. 334.000 Euro). Furthermore, the surroundings, the conditions for riders, horses and grooms, in brief: the quality of the entire show are further criteria for the allocation of the five stars.  mehr