21.11.2010 - Victory for Carsten-Otto Nagel in Grand Prix: “My mare Corradina simply makes me look good”

Stuttgart – “I’m very proud to have won here today and that I’ve put my name on the famous board with the famous riders.” Riding Corradina, team World Champion Carsten-Otto Nagel was the fastest around the jump-off to secure the Grand Prix of Stuttgart – presented by Mercedes-Benz and the BW Bank – on Sunday afternoon. It was the final competition of the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show. In front of 7,000 highly enthusiastic spectators in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle, the 48-year-old German remained faultless in the fifth event of the ROLEX FEI World Cup JumpingTM and took 35.00 seconds to complete the jump-off course. “Corradina is an exceptional horse, the mare simply makes me look good,” said “CON” in praise of his “partner”. The reward for his efforts was a Mercedes-Benz ML 300 D Off-roader worth 53,000 euro as well as 20 points for the Rolex FEI World Cup™, Western European League ranking where he has moved up to sixth on 33 points.  mehr

21.11.2010 - Objective reached – about 60,800 spectators and lots of highlights at the “Michael Jung Festival”

Stuttgart – “We’ve reached our objective and have experienced some excellent equestrian sport at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show.” About 60,800 spectators came along to Stuttgart’s Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle over the five days of the show and they showed their appreciation of the rider’s performances by breaking into rapturous applause. “We’re approximately 5 per cent up on last year’s spectator figures.” For Andreas Kroll, CEO of the in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft, it was a show with many highlights, above all the “Michael Jung Festival”. The local rider won the Indoor Derby, two dressage competitions and the speed jumping against the World Champion Philippe Le Jeune – World Champion beats World Champion.  mehr

21.11.2010 - Special winner Isabell Werth smiling and full of pride: “El Santo has a lot of talent”

Stuttgart – Isabell Werth had a big, big smile on her face: “El Santo has performed really well here in Stuttgart and it was only his third international show.” The German dressage rider had just won the Grand Prix Special for the Prize of the MEGGLE Group on the nine-year-old Rhineland gelding. Riding in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle, she received 76.875 points from the international jury made up of judges from Mexico, USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany. It gave her the victory and prize money totalling 7,250 euro. “El Santo is unbelievably proper and honest and has a lot of talent. It’s a proud moment for me and it’s proved that he’s a worthy winner of the Otto Lörke Preis.”  mehr

21.11.2010 - Isabell Werth is awarded her ninth Otto Lörke Prize – this year for her gelding El Santo NRW

Stuttgart – She has received any number of prizes during the course of her unequalled career but the honour she received in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle on Sunday is one that’s something special for the five-time Olympic Champion, Isabell Werth (Germany): she has received the Otto Lörke Prize for the ninth time. The German Olympic Committee for Equestrianism (DOKR) awards it annually in memory of the outstanding rider and coach Otto Lörke to riders, trainers and owners of dressage horses up to the age of ten. It is given by the dressage sub-committee for particularly outstanding performances in Grand Prix competitions in Germany. The 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show was the venue for the prize giving ceremony for the 26th time.  mehr

21.11.2010 - Pairs vaulting at the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS: local duo ahead of Austria and a pair from nearby Aalen

Stuttgart – Richly deserved win for local vaulters: Theresa-Sophie Bresch and Daniel Rein from the “Pferdesportverein Roseck” club in nearby Unterjesingen won the pairs vaulting competition for the Prize of Masterhorse at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle on Sunday morning. After adding the scores for the two rounds together and then dividing them by two, the top German pair at the moment, were, together with the longeur Doris Marquart, awarded 8.409 points for their performance on the 11-year-old black gelding Cyrano. In the lead after Saturday’s first round (8.211), they were also given the day’s highest mark – 8.606 – for their ride on Sunday.  mehr

20.11.2010 - World Champion beats World Champion: Michael Jung in rentES Speed Master ahead of Philippe Le Jeune

Stuttgart – The all-rounder beats the specialist: the penultimate starter, the eventing World Champion Michael Jung, simply flew around the course on Der Dürer TSF. They were so quick that they ended up as the quickest of the 25 participants in the rentES Speed Master on Saturday evening. The pair clocked 58.09, all 12 fences were still standing and the local hero from nearby Horb relegated the jumping World Champion Philippe Le Jeune into second place. The Belgian and his gelding Leo du Prairial took 59.55 seconds to go round the course and looked like the certain winner. But, the “world’s most complete rider” (horse show director Gotthilf Riexinger in a press conference prior to the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS) left him trailing by almost one and a half seconds. Third was the American Lauren Hough aboard her mare Available Versace (60.21). Behind her were two riders from the Stuttgart region, Paul Hofmann on Floronce (60.24) and the five-time winner of the BW Bank Indoor Championship, Timo Beck, who needed 60.65 seconds on Askaban.  mehr

20.11.2010 - Successful title defence: World Champion wins his second SCHENKER GERMAN MASTER

Stuttgart – The World Champion was in a class of his own and had the crowd in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle on their feet: Boyd Exell (Australia) secured his second SCHENKER GERMAN MASTER title in convincing fashion on Saturday. His win in the FEI World Cup DrivingTM series gave 5,500 euro prize money. “It’s my daughter’s birthday today and now I can afford to buy her a present,” grinned the Australian. “I once told my parent’s that if they come to a show in Europe, then they have to come to Stuttgart – they were in the hall today and were thrilled.”  mehr

20.11.2010 - Isabell Werth writes horse show history: sixth win in the dressage freestyle

Stuttgart – “The atmosphere was something special today, I’d just like to say thanks to the fantastic crowd,” said an overjoyed Isabell Werth after her comfortable win in the FEI Grand Prix freestyle for the Prize of the Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show. Riding her Satchmo in front of a sell-out crowd, the international jury awarded the German 82.880 per cent on Saturday afternoon. Having won the competition from 1996 to 1998 as well as in 2007 and 2008, the 41-year-old “Dressage Queen” therefore added her name to the winner’s list for the sixth time. “I’m very, very pleased, happy and elated – that was real fun, everything was just so easy,” said the effervescent five-time Olympic Champion, who can also look forward to 8,000 euro prize money.  mehr

20.11.2010 - Meredith Michael-Beerbaum wins the second qualifying for the MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER

Stuttgart – “MMB” and Checkmate secured the win in Friday’s Prize of the DIW Instandhaltung Ltd. & Co. KG, the second qualifying competition for the MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER later in the evening. Riding in front of a 6,100 crowd in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum went clear in 57.46 seconds to finish ahead of the European Champion Kevin Staut on Zeta de Hus. The Frenchman, also faultless, was 34 hundredth of a second slower (0/57.80). In third place was another Frenchman - Patrice Delaveau aboard Ornella Mail (0/57.84). The 45-year-old won the coveted MERCEDES GERMAN MASTERS title last year and the Mercedes car that went with it.  mehr

20.11.2010 - Shutterfly on autopilot: Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum wins MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER for the second time

Stuttgart – “Hats off to this lady and to the horse,” and horse show director Gotthilf Riexinger expressed exactly what many were thinking. As the last rider to go in the jump-off, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (Germany) on Shutterfly went clear in 32.05 seconds to pip Marcus Ehning who had been leading at the time. The German and Plot Blue had also finished without felling a fence, but in a time of in 33.30 seconds. “Riding Shutterfly was like driving a Mercedes – he had an autopilot,” said the clearly delighted winner, who had previously won the Grand Prix in 2006, 2007 and 2008 plus the 2008 MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER on the 17-year-old gelding.  mehr

20.11.2010 - Successful start in the Special Tour: Augustin and Victoria Max-Theurer win Grand Prix of Stihl

Stuttgart – The dressage Grand Prix for the Prize of the Stihl at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show ended in a narrow win for Victoria Max-Theurer. Early on Saturday, she secured the win, and 2,500 euro prize money, in the qualifying class for Sunday morning’s Grand Prix Special after scoring 75.149 per cent. The Austrian saddled her own-bred ten-year-old Oldenburg stallion Augustin that carried her to the individual fifth place at the 2009 European Championships in Windsor.  mehr

19.11.2010 - Tie in the Piaff-Förderpreis: Jenny Lang had “fun on Loverboy”, Marion Engelen on Diego

Stuttgart – A first ever in the final of the Piaff-Förderpreises: on Friday, Jenny Lang and Marion Engelen (both Germany) tied for first place in the Grand Prix after each rider scored 69.489 per cent. “It’s the first time it’s ever happened here,” said an amazed Gotthilf Riexinger, the director of the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show, “but both were deserved winners – and the judges were united for once!” Third place in the Prize of Liselott and Klaus Rheinberger Foundation went to Kirsten Sieber (Germany), who was given 65.787 per cent for her performance on Charly WRT.  mehr

19.11.2010 - “What a wonderful world”: Satchmo and Isabell Werth win the Grand Prix on Friday

Stuttgart – You can rely upon Satchmo to come up with the goods: the 16-year-old Hanoverian gelding carried “Dressage Queen” Isabell Werth (Germany) to victory in Friday’s Prize of the Wilhelm Schetter GmbH at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show. Riding in Stuttgart’s Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle, the five-time Olympic Games gold medallist received 75.745 per cent – 1st place and 2,500 euro prize money.  mehr

19.11.2010 - Second win for Julien Epaillard: five one hundredths quicker than Marcus Ehning in the Prize of Peter Hahn

Stuttgart – Forty-five riders were listed to compete in the Prize of Peter Hahn, a speed jumping event, at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show on Thursday evening. The class also serves as the first qualifying for the MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER on Friday.  mehr

18.11.2010 - Timo Beck is “man of the evening” at BW Bank Indoor Championship – fifth win and “farewell” for Isabell

Stuttgart – Michael Jung was the star of the show in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle for two days long but on Thursday evening Timo Beck (Germany) joined him in the limelight and wrote horse show history in the process. After winning in 2000, 2002, 2008 and 2009, it was the fifth time that the rider, who represents the Hanauerland stables, has added his name to BW Bank Indoor Championships winners’ list. And he did so on a “borrowed” horse – Millenium de Roy, which belongs to Andreas Brünz. “I’d only ridden the French ten-year-old stallion at three previous shows,” explained the happy winner. In front of 5,800 spectators, Timo Beck’s clear round in 25.97 seconds was the quickest of the jump-off and he was followed by Hans-Dieter Dreher who finished in 26.69 seconds on Constantin. Third was Vacharo with Marcel Marschall in the saddle. The 19-year-old is the son of the Nations Cup rider Manfred Marschall, who himself won the indoor championship in 1993 and 1994.  mehr

18.11.2010 - Michael Jung has two reasons to be happy: a win in the iWEST Dressage Cup and Sam is back in his home stables

Stuttgart – “Michael Jung is riding here with all the ease in the world. That was a very comfortable win,” said horse show director Gotthilf Riexinger when congratulating the eventing World Champion from nearby Horb. After his two wins at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show on Wednesday, the German followed up on Thursday with a victory in the final of the iWEST Dressage Cup – the unofficial state (Baden Württemberg) indoor championships.  mehr

18.11.2010 - Alvaro Miranda and Thomas Weinberg win the opening jumping competitions for the Prize of Bardusch

Stuttgart – Brazil ahead of Belgium and Italy: Alvaro Miranda won the opening jumping competition for foreign riders at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show on Thursday. Riding his stallion AD Norson, the 37-year-old took first place in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle after going clear in a time of 55.75 seconds. Behind him in second was the World Champion Philippe Le Jeune aboard the mare Boyante de Muze (56.64). Third place went to Emanuele Gaudiano on the seven-year-old Westphalen mare Cocoshynsky (57.57). Competing on his second horse, the gelding AD Asleigh Drossel Dan, Alvaro Miranda had a time penalty and finished 16th. World Champion Le Jeune added to his prize money tally after coming tenth on Querlybet Hero.  mehr

17.11.2010 - “Gold-Jung” Michael and Vincent rock the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle – fifth Indoor Derby win

Stuttgart – Three day eventing World Champion Michael Jung made it plain for all to see that Stuttgart’s Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle is his second home. For the fourth time in succession and the fifth time in all, the 28-year-old horse farm manager from nearby Horb won the Indoor Derby on the opening day of the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show. On board the Trakehner gelding Wallach Vincent TSF, just eight-years-old, the gold medal winner at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington remained faultless and went through the finish in 89.49 seconds. The thrilled capacity crowd of 8,000 equestrian fans cheered on the Black Forest sunny-boy frenetically. He had previously won the eventing test in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009.  mehr

17.11.2010 - Tina Deuerer’s dream: the Golden Riding Badge

Stuttgart – “Ever since I first got involved with horses, I’ve always dreamt of one thing: the chance to compete in just one S class jumping competition!” And the dream of a single S event has turned into lots of starts in the top class. The icing on the cake came at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show when on Wednesday evening, Tina Deuerer (Germany) was awarded the Golden Riding Badge for ten S class wins from the Baden Württenberg state coach Karl-Heinz Streng.  mehr

17.11.2010 - Entry lists are an equestrian “Who’s Who” - Le Jeune, Gal, Jung, Exell – four world champions in the line-up

Stuttgart – About 150 riders from 25 nations and more than 300 horses: the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle from 17 - 21 November 2010 will once again be a meeting place for the world’s elite. Not only the quantity but also the quality of the competitors is of the highest class – in addition to the individual world champions and the numerous team world champions and medal winners, who were all recently crowned in Lexington, a whole host of Olympic and European champions will also be saddling or yoking their horses at the indoor horse show in Stuttgart. “The entry list in the five disciplines, jumping, dressage, driving, eventing and vaulting, is like an equestrian Who’s Who,” said Andreas Kroll, CEO of the in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft, “and the fans’ interest is huge.”  mehr

17.11.2010 - A Frenchman outdrives the Germans: Julien Epaillard wins the MercedesBenz Jump and Drive

Stuttgart – “Currently the world’s best all-round rider”, (horse show director Gotthilf Riexinger) was – in the car – too slow: Though the eventing World Champion Michael Jung was cheered on rapturously by the 8,000 sell-out crowd in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle, the local rider came third in the MercedesBenz Jump and Drive on Wednesday evening. After riding the eight-year-old mare FBW Evita, which was bred locally, he then slalomed his way around the driving course to finish in a time of 96.78 seconds.  mehr